Signing the cooperation to exploit Dong Nai river tourist route

19/01/2021 146 0

To exploit the river tourism route and services in Buu Long tourist area, at the same time promote the tourism potentials and strengths of the two units, contributing to promoting the development of tourism in Dong Nai province. Last December, Buu Long Investment and Development Company Limited (Buu Long KDL) and Hoang Gia Bao Trading Service Co., Ltd (Hoang Gia Bao Company) signed the signing ceremony of operating river tourism. .

It is known that the river tour is organized and exploited by Hoang Gia Bao Company with 3 mini tours for tourists to choose from, the two sides cooperate to exploit the river tourist route. In which Buu Long tourist area is a destination, the specific routes are as follows: Route 1: Ben Nguyen Van Tri - Ong pagoda - Chau Doc Pagoda 3 - Ba Xe Islet - Tan Mai fish raft village - Buu Long tourist site. (pilot operation of route 1; Line 2: Ben Nguyen Van Tri - Tan Trieu Buoi Village - Buu Long tourist site; Line 3: Ben Nguyen Van Tri - Tan Trieu Pomelo Village - Buu Long Tourist Area - Hieu Liem - Buu Long tourist site.

In the first 6 months after the signing of the signing ceremony, the two sides will only focus on operating route No. 1 and route 2. A pilot, price incentive policy will be applied to stimulate consumer demand and attract visitors.

Accordingly, the two sides agreed to cooperate in exploiting the river tourism route, in which Buu Long tourist area is a destination. Specifically, route 1 with a schedule from Nguyen Van Tri wharf - Ong Pagoda - Chau Doc Pagoda 3 - Tran Bien Temple / Buu Long Tourist Area.At the same time, responding to the tourism stimulus program, Hoang Gia Bao Company 20% discount for waterway means according to the listed price and Buu Long Company will reduce 50% of the package entrance fee of Buu Long Tourist Area.

Thu Trang

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