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Considered an outdoor picnic, trekking will take you to romantic streets and many interesting places from all over the world with wild features of the mountains. Help participants in the trekking experience have the opportunity to practice and learn survival skills while living with nature. When trekking becomes fascinating and different journeys thousands of miles on foot a single means to go trekking.  

Today, the trekking trend is attracting more and more people to join. When the challenge is not for those who give up, it is only for those who are passionate once in their life through long trips. Trekking is not an early and dark tourism trend, but it has existed for a long time in accordance with the liberal nature of those who love the shifting of erasing all geographical distances and their limitations. Just a backpack with a love to explore all the ways we can integrate with trekking to transport into a backpacker. 

Unlike other types of tourists, trekking will often have no specific plan because the specificity of the type gives the experience a feeling closer to nature. Admire first-hand the landscape where we set foot on by means of transportation only with our feet. Trekking participants have the freedom to move wherever you want, no time constraints and no rush. In addition, trekking will bring a healthy heart is a great method for you to improve your health and exercise endurance when traveling through different terrains. 

The most appreciated benefit that trekking brings is having a good spiritual therapy to reduce stress, fatigue at work and life while eliminating the mess of being with nature and breathing the air. The fresh air is filled with happiness when surpassing your limit to conquer the whole nature.
To make the trekking more interesting and exciting, we will need to prepare a few indispensable equipment for the trek, whether long or short,: Backpacks, climbing shoes, sleeping bags, lights batteries, warm clothes, raincoats, home remedies, water and food ... There are principles to keep in mind when trekking is to learn carefully about the point where we want to go, plan when there is a risk and need in good health when participating in trekking
Although trekking is a tourist-oriented activity, trekking is still a type of adventure that requires health and certain skills to conquer impressive roads and courageously live in the middle of nature.


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