"Lucky heaven" of Dong Nai forest land

18/03/2022 1017 0

From time immemorial orangutan fruit is considered one of the famous specialties of Dong Nai forest land. During the fierce war, living conditions were very poor and difficult, so the orangutan became a specialty that only valuable guests could bring to the reception. And today, the forest orangutan is becoming more and more rare, so it is even more valuable because it is a favorite dish of many people.

Orangutans are found in Cat Tien forest and Dong Nai Nature and Culture Conservation Area. The tree is quite special because it doesn't have it every year, but sometimes it bears fruit once every three or four years. Orangutan fruit season is from January to April and from June to August, when the sound of forest cicadas chirps, it is time for people to go to the forest to harvest orangutans. As a large tree, tens of meters high, it is not easy to pick fresh orangutans, but requires the picker to climb well and have experience. On average, each tree can give 30-50kg of fresh fruit. Fresh orangutan fruits brought to dry in the sun, dried, but with the tip of an adult's middle finger, they can be stored in a dry place for months, sometimes years, still not damaged. Orangutan trees that are too tall to be picked up can only be picked by shaking the tree or waiting for the ripe seeds to fall to the ground and then picking them up. The head of the orangutan has 2 thin wings, when it is old it will fall off and fly with the wind far away, it is called "flying orangutan seed".

If tourists have the opportunity to come to Dong Nai in the summer, along the way to Vinh Cuu or Nam Cat Tien districts, they can stop at beverage shops or roadside carts to search and enjoy refreshments. Here, to feel a little taste of attractive specialties, such as "fortune heaven" bestowed on Dong Nai forest land. At the same time, this will also be a valuable gift that visitors can give as gifts to relatives and friends after each of their trips.


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