PanoGlamp Dong Nai campsite on the hill overlooking Tri An lake

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Besides Homestay or Farmstay, Glamping is also a tourism model that has been very popular with young people in the past 2 years. Camping has gradually become familiar to many people who love to travel and like the feeling of "moving". Despite its recent appearance, PanoGlamp has quickly gained a lot of popularity.

PanoGlamp is located in La Nga, Dinh Quan, Dong Nai, about 96km from Saigon, so it will be an ideal destination for people to relax with friends and family on the weekend.

Here you can admire a vast sky with a mesmerizing sunset. Everyone coming here will be arranged to stay in each white independent tent to bring you the most private moments. In addition to the lovely white huts, this place also has wooden floors to enjoy the vast scenery, and yet PanoGlamp also arranges chairs to sit and enjoy the view with a very romantic view of the green Tri An lake. The difference is that coming here you will be served from A-Z from a cup of coffee, from setting up eating at the tent…

PanoGlamp address:
Mit Lai Hamlet, La Nga Commune, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province.
Entrance to PanoGlamp – 097 679 91 49

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