The colors of the Northwest through the Flower Festival

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By the appointment in March, the Northwest provinces are in the Hoa Ban festival season. These festivals not only attract tourists thanks to the unique natural scenery but also full of cultural colors of the highland ethnic minorities.

Ethnic women in traditional costumes at Hoa Ban Hill at the Ban Flower Festival in Son La City, Son La Province. Photo: Huy Anh

This is the strength of tourism and service development, one of the "supports" and leverage to help the Northwest mountainous provinces rise to economic development.

* Fall in love with flower festivals

Arriving in the Northwest in the flower season in March, we encountered banyan flowers blooming throughout the mountains, villages and along the roads in the city. The jubilant festival atmosphere stretches across the Northwest provinces. Although it is the same flower festival, each province has its own colors and unique features associated with the tourism development strategy of each locality.

The beginning of the festival season in March this year is Son La province with the Ban Flower Festival taking place in 2 days 11 and 12/3 including 2 parts: Xen Muong festival, taking place at Dong Xen park, Chieng Coi ward. . The meeting was held at the Northwest Square, including contest activities: Culture camp; performing Thai Xoe art; Hoa Ban Beauty; display and explain national cuisine; scarf embroidery contest; contest sports, folk games…

According to the Organizing Committee of the Ban Flower Season in Son La City, the new and attractive content of this year's festival is the performance of Thai costumes in the fact that the Ban flower hill is in full bloom, meaning that the flower must be respected. glory, glory. This is also a highlight and new point compared to previous festivals. The cultural element is shown boldly with the scarf embroidery contest, the costume contest, etc. in the bustling space of the sound of gongs and gongs.

On the evening of March 12, the Flower Ban Festival 2023 and the 7th Festival of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ethnic Minorities in Dien Bien Province opened at 7-5 Square, Dien Bien Phu City with the theme of Perfume and Color. Northwest region takes place from March 10 to 13.

Rich in cultural activities at the Ban Flower Festival in Son La City, Son La Province in 2023

Dien Bien is the province that organized the earliest Hoa Ban festival of the Northwest in 2014 on the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory. The timeline on March 13 is the moment when our army and people opened fire on the French at Dien Bien Phu battlefield in 1954. Since then, this event has taken place annually and has been recognized as a cultural event. typical and prominent of the Northwest region in particular and of the whole country in general.

The 2023 Hoa Ban Festival is rich in activities such as: displaying and introducing local traditional culture, cultural products and tourism; folk games, ethnic traditions; performing, introducing excerpts from festivals and rituals of traditional cultural activities of ethnic groups; Hoa Ban Beauty Contest, Dien Bien Flavor Culinary Competition; street culture parade; folk dance festival, traditional folk music of ethnic groups... Thereby recreating the cultural and spiritual beauty of Hoa Ban, the land and the people of Dien Bien, Northwest; Especially, Dien Bien is developing, breaking through, rich in hospitality, inviting investors, tourists...

* Developing tourism thanks to the flower seasons

In recent years, the northern mountainous provinces have exploited the uniqueness of culture and natural scenery to develop tourism. One of the highlights that makes the Northwest tourism brand must mention flower festivals such as Hoa Ban Festival, Buckwheat Flower Festival, Peach Blossom Festival, etc. The organization of flower festivals becomes an annual activity. The Northwest region contributes greatly to stimulating tourism demand.

Tourists exchange and enjoy Thang Co dish with Hmong H. Tua Chua ethnic people, Dien Bien province at the Flower Ban Festival in Dien Bien Phu city. Photo: B.Nguyen

Mr. Do Van Tru, Chairman of the People's Committee of Son La City, said that Son La Flower Festival was first held in 2008, so far, it has undergone 5 festival seasons. This festival meets the needs of the people to enjoy the spiritual culture, preserve and promote the cultural identity of the ethnic groups in the province, imbued with the cultural identity of the peoples of the Northwest sub-region. This is an opportunity to promote and introduce the cultural and tourism potential of Son La province, attract domestic and international visitors, businesses and organizations to seek investment, exchange and cooperation opportunities. and integration.

Doan Van Chi, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dien Bien province shared that not only is the land of flowers, which contains the cultural identities of 19 ethnic groups, Dien Bien is also proud to be the land. hero associated with the Dien Bien Phu victory. This place is endowed by nature with many beautiful and poetic landscapes such as the largest Muong Thanh field in the Northwest, the legendary Pha Din pass, Pa Khoang lake, Muong Lay river scene, Tua Chua unspoiled rocky mountains.. With pride, a sense of responsibility, solidarity, and one heart, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Dien Bien province have been and will continue to preserve, promote and spread endogenous values. , turning potential and advantages into a driving force for economic and social development to continue to be an attractive destination in the journey to the Northwest.

Food display and introduction at the Ban Flower Festival in Son La City

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Mong Binh, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dong Nai province, organizing the festival based on the specific resources of each locality to promote the image and attract tourists is a trend that localities are doing. Currently. For example, when it comes to the Northwest, one will immediately remember flower festivals; The Central Highlands has a coffee festival… Folklore activities and local specialties are organized into a series of events, creating a diversity and richness for the festival season. In addition, localities, tourism and travel businesses have connected and formed tours to the festival to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Bình Nguyen

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