OCOP Dong Nai products are increasingly asserting their position

28/06/2021 1921 0

According to Dong Nai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, after 2 years of implementing the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program, up to now, Dong Nai has 46 products with three-star standards or higher, reaching 283% of the target for the 2018-2020 period. There are 27 products with 3 stars, 18 products with 4 stars. Especially, for the first time, Dong Nai has a 5-star standard product, which is pure cocoa powder 3 in 1 Bunga of Trong Duc Cocoa Co., Ltd (Phu Hoa commune, Dinh Quan).

Over the past time, farmers have launched high-class drinking water products made from fruits such as dragon fruit, pomelo, etc., which are well received by consumers, especially young people. In which, the enterprise is currently developing a line of syrups and red flesh dragon fruit smoothies. Long Kim Company Limited (Long Tan Commune, Nhon Trach District); Anna Dragon Fruit Wine Facility (Thong Nhat District)... With traditional manual production methods, products made from this fruit are still preserve the taste and nutrients.

Not only drinks made from cocoa, dragon fruit and grapefruit if they have the opportunity to visit Tan Trieu pomelo village area (Tan Binh commune, Vinh Cuu district), diners can also enjoy interesting drinks. poor, made from the main ingredient is pomelo. In addition, Truong Phat Agricultural Service Cooperative, which specializes in producing lotus products (Long Tan Commune, Nhon Trach Commune), is also a well-known 4-star OCOP certified unit. According to the leader of An Hoa Hung Agricultural Cooperative (An Hoa ward, Bien Hoa city), Dong Nai's OCOP program, when implemented, has promoted the spirit of OCOP - the spirit of community, encouragement and promotion. for local products and specialties; Inthanol RZ cantaloupe products grown in greenhouses of Farm Viet Trading Co., Ltd (Xuan Truong commune, Xuan Loc district) achieved the 3-star OCOP certification…

The OCOP program, when implemented in practice, has encouraged many businesses and production facilities to actively exploit the potential of rural specialties. This is a start-up opportunity for farmers, cooperatives and many small businesses investing in agriculture in Dong Nai.

Ngo Thanh Long

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