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If Vinh Cuu is famous for its grapefruit flavor from Tan Trieu, then coming to Tan An today, there is also a well-known mulberry fruit. It can be said that mulberry flavor is a specialty that only the East has, the taste of mulberry wine is not inferior to the taste of many foreign wines. The mulberry fruit, when ripe, has a rather bitter taste and is often used to soak in a very fragrant and special wine.

Mulberry tree is a tall tree, the flowers grow in clusters, giving off a fragrant aroma, until March, the flowers fall off and begin to bear fruit. Every year in December is the season of mulberry, the aroma of mulberry fruit is quite special because it falls on the occasion of Tet, so many families choose to display mulberry fruit on a five-fruit tray.

Usually, each mulberry tree is very wrong, the mulberry fruit can be eaten raw when ripe, in addition, the mulberry fruit is considered a precious material for soaking. Capital has a special aroma, so wine connoisseurs love to choose mulberry fruit soaked in wine. Mango fruit when ripe is baked to bring out the aroma before soaking. The mulberry wine when soaked has a very strong aroma, the color of the wine has a beautiful deep red color.

According to the people of Tan An, in order to have the right pot of mulberry wine, when soaking, you must choose the hard, thin-skinned and sweet-smelling mulberry fruit, only the mulberry shell should be soaked. Mulberry wine is not only used to treat aches and pains, back pain, abdominal pain, good food, good digestion, but also a special gift of the people of Tan An every time a precious guest comes to visit.

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