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Weekend coffee is one of the most popular forms today, both meeting the entertainment needs, airy garden space, children's play and also a place to enjoy the family on weekends. 
1. Fish Garden – Coffee & More

Fish Garden is considered the most successful of the Koi Koi cafes in Dong Nai, because when you enter the shop, you will surely be impressed with this shop, first of all it must be the space, the space here is quite It is spacious and decorated with many kinds of green trees, bringing a very fresh and peaceful look.
Address :10/2 Ly Van Sam, Tam Hiep Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai

2. KOI Street Corner

The shop owns a spacious space, the most interesting point is the floating baskets on the water right inside the cool space, the sound of water flowing, extremely strange. From these positions, you will be able to see hundreds of large and small koi fish.
Address: 14/17 Nguyen Bao Duc, Ward.6, Tam Hiep Ward - Bien Hoa

3. Santorini Coffee

True to the name Santorini, the shop is designed with the main color tone of white and blue exactly like the beautiful island of Santorini. Outside, the wall is painted white, the door frame and door are painted blue. In particular, even the tables and chairs are decorated with white and blue tones.
Address: Santorini Coffee – 184/17A KP4, Trung Dung Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai

4. Fish Garden Cafe

With a unique architecture, nestled in the middle of a lake, surrounded by schools of koi fish swimming around, Vuon Ca Cafe is the hottest check-in point in Bien Hoa in recent days. There are both onshore and underwater tables for you to choose from.
Address: Vuon Ca Cafe – 10/2 Ly Van Sam, Tam Hiep Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai

5. Coffee & tea Hien - Bien Hoa

If you like reading, the shop has an additional small bookshelf with all kinds of books, this is really the ideal quiet place for you. Coffee & tea patio - Bien Hoa is the ideal destination for weekend appointments. Especially the green space is very much, both for decoration and to help fresher air.
Address: D4 street, D2D residential area Vo Thi Sau, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai

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