Tour to visit Ajinomoto Vietnam factory in Bien Hoa

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Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd. (of Japanese investor) is located right along the Dong Nai river, near An Hao bridge. In order to increase customer confidence and contribute to the growing brand, the company has a policy of opening doors to welcome students and residents to visit the production process at the factory for free. This is considered a very interesting and meaningful destination in the tourism discovery journey in Bien Hoa.

Coming to Ajinomoto Bien Hoa factory, the wastewater treatment system is one of the highlights that impresses visitors. The waterfall is built at the final output of the wastewater treatment process at Bien Hoa factory. After being treated, wastewater will flow through small landscape systems, lakes and flowing into a clear waterfall. This is not only an attractive sights when coming to Ajinomoto factory but also helps to increase the green area inherent in the factory in accordance with the message "Clean water, fresh life" that the company is aiming for.

Currently, besides the resort tours, many young guests are eager to visit and learn more about the working environment, behavior, and environmental awareness so Ajinomoto will be a destination that attracts many young people if possible. Connecting to tours to or across Dong Nai.

Contact information: Visiting with the Company's shuttle on the first Tuesday of every month, the Company has a free shuttle from Ho Chi Minh City Post Office to Ajinomoto Bien Hoa Factory or Long Thanh. Guests must register at least 7 days before the date of the visit via email or or phone customer service center 08.3930 8784.

Self-sufficient vehicle tour: In addition to the fixed date above, visitors can register to visit the desired location in the form of self-sufficient means on any day of the month via the website:

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