Train travel experience

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Traveling by train to experience interesting things and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on each road is a favorite trend of tourists, especially young people.

With utilities such as buying train tickets online, visitors can book train tickets anytime, anywhere, information about itineraries, check tickets, train time - fares, promotions,... all information easily searched quickly on the website of the Vietnam Railways Corporation to help tourists choose the right trip for themselves.

The benefits of traveling by train also make visitors comfortable and satisfied. Not only does it bring safety and convenience to travelers, but in fact, more and more travelers are choosing to travel by train for short trips instead of flying because of the check-in process. Taking the train is very simple, you don't have to go too early to check in and can carry as much luggage as you like. Moreover, traveling by train also helps visitors save on travel costs.

Today, traveling by train is more and more popular, so the ships serving tourists have been upgraded to become more modern and luxurious, with more amenities. There are comfortable beds for travelers wishing to travel long distances, equipped with cool air conditioning, dedicated train staff. The sleeping carriages serving tourists are often more advanced, visitors once experiencing will be very satisfied. Not only traveling by train becomes convenient, but visitors also get to see the beautiful scenery on each road and can also save beautiful pictures for their trip.

Coming to Dong Nai tourism by train, visitors can choose the route from Saigon - Long Khanh, Bien Hoa - Long Khanh stations with many different time frames. For many years, Long Khanh city (Dong Nai) has been a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists inside and outside the province, especially in the summer when the fruit crop is the time of the garden tourism season. Hopefully, visitors will have interesting and memorable experiences when choosing a means of travel by train.


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