Travel information in October 2022: Digital media imprint

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In the tourist information document October 2022, introduced by the Center for Tourism Information (VNAT) about digital communication activities to promote tourism, digital transformation activities, tourism activities results, etc. calendar for October and first 10 months of 2022, market trends, upcoming prominent events…

Digital transformation activities are taking place actively in the tourism industry with the focus being on National Digital Transformation Day 10/10 and various activities such as Conferences and Workshops "Digital Transformation of Culture and Sports Sectors". and Tourism" and the scientific conference "Enrollment and training in the fields of Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism in the academic year 2022-2023" of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism… The conferences and seminars all emphasized the importance of The importance of promoting digital transformation in the tourism industry contributes to promoting tourism recovery and development, supporting improving management and human resource training, improving the efficiency of area management and operation, tourist attractions, increasing the experience for visitors…

In particular, the website of the National Administration of Tourism rose sharply in the world. This is the official website of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism promoting Vietnam's tourism to the world. According to (specializing in website reviews and ratings worldwide), in September 2022, website ranked #166,985 globally. This is a breakthrough compared to one year ago, the website's ranking in September 2021 was #458,550. The rank increase in the past 1 year is 291,565 steps.

In terms of ranking, Vietnam's website is currently ranked 4th in Southeast Asia, behind tourism website Singapore (ranked #77,424), Indonesia (ranked #90,622) and Thailand (ranked #140,545); much higher than the Philippines (ranked #547,764) and Malaysia (ranked #985,532). In terms of rank increase in the past 1 year, Vietnam's website had the best increase (up 291,565 places), much larger. much higher than Indonesia (up 87,225 steps), Singapore (up 80,016 steps), Thailand (down 7,570 steps). This shows the attractiveness of Vietnam's tourism in the eyes of international tourists, as well as a new step in the communication work on the digital platform of Vietnam Tourism.

Thanh Xuan

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