Unique trekking route to Bau Sau

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Located in the south of Cat Tien National Park, far from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City 165 km, in Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province. Bau Sau is a natural freshwater area in the middle of Nam Cat Tien old forest with a surface of about 2,500 hectares, where it is home to more than 60 species of freshwater crocodiles. In addition, Bau Sau is also home to many Siamese crocodiles, endemic to Southeast Asia, directly canoeing to see crocodiles in the middle of nature is an interesting experience.

Coming to Bau Sau, visitors will have many different emotions, visitors will experience that the entrance to the forest is a small zigzag stone path, covered with moss with many precious and endemic plants of Cat Tien in the area. Roadside such as: tung tree, eucalyptus tree, red oak tree, some vines such as: bam bam, creeper's hoof... and then overwhelmed with the extremely crowded population of Siamese crocodiles living here

Bau Sau is nestled in the core area of Cat Tien, under the direct management of the Bau Sau ranger station. To get to Bau Crocodile, visitors can start from the administrative center of Cat Tien National Park, go through 9km by car and walk more than 5km through the forest. With quite flat terrain, you can walk through the forest, watching the beautiful scenery of the old forest with extremely rich flora and fauna.

Bau Sau is an attractive destination for many tourists when coming to Cat Tien National Park. To be able to fully explore the interesting features of Bau Sau, visitors should follow the safety regulations and strictly follow the instructions of the rangers here. At the same time, prepare some items such as long-sleeved dark clothes, forest shoes, anti-squeezing socks, soft hats, flashlights, raincoats, binoculars, tents, repellents and mosquitoes... during the full trip. this interesting.

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