Vietnam tourism will attend the ASEAN ATF 2023 Tourism Forum in Indonesia

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The ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF 2023) will take place with the theme “ASEAN: A Journey to Wonderful Destinations”. This is the largest annual event held alternately among ASEAN members within the framework of ASEAN tourism cooperation.

ATF 2023 has many important activities such as the 22nd ASEAN+3 Tourism Ministers Meeting; The 10th ASEAN-India Tourism Ministers Meeting; The 2nd ASEAN-Russia Tourism Ministers Meeting; 57th ASEAN National Tourism Agency Meeting; 42nd ASEAN+3 National Tourism Agency Meeting; The 29th ASEAN+India National Tourism Authority Meeting; 13th ASEAN-Russia Tourism Consultation Meeting; ASEAN Tourism Award Ceremony; Press conference of ASEAN Tourism Ministers and many side activities.

ASEAN is one of the most dynamic tourism development regions in the Asia and Pacific region. Most of the ASEAN member countries focus on developing tourism, considering tourism as an important economic sector in the national economy. For Vietnam tourism, ASEAN is one of the most important markets and partners. In 2019, visitors from ASEAN to Vietnam reached nearly 2.1 million, accounting for about 11.6% of the total number of international tourists to Vietnam. Multilateral cooperation within the ASEAN framework plays an important role in Vietnam's international cooperation in tourism.

Thu Trang

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