Vote for Vietnam Tourism at World Travel Awards 2023

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The World Travel Awards (referred to as WTA) was born in 1993, is a prestigious award recognized worldwide and is likened to the "Oscar of the Travel Industry". The award is held annually, to honor outstanding destinations, quality travel service providers, including many categories such as: Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Travel companies, Travel destinations…

The year 2023 is a significant milestone marking the 30-year journey of establishment and development of this prestigious award. This year, Vietnam tourism is honored to be nominated in many important categories including:
Asia's Leading Tourism Board 2023 (Asia's leading tourism management agency): Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
Asia's Leading Heritage Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Heritage Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Natural Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Natural Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Culture Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Cultural Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Beach Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Beach Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Youth Travel Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Youth Travel Destination): Vietnam
Asia's Leading Business Travel Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Business Travel Destination): Ho Chi Minh City
Asia's Leading City Tourist Board 2023 (Asia's leading local tourism management agency): Hanoi Department of Tourism, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism
Asia's Leading City Break Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading City Destination): Hanoi
Asia's Leading Culture City Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Cultural City Destination): Hoi An, Hue
Asia's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination 2023 (Asia's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination): Ha Giang
Asia's Leading Regional Natural Destination 2023: Moc Chau.

To vote for the nomination categories for Vietnam Tourism, readers visit the website and follow these steps:
1. Register/Create an account to vote
2. Vote for the award categories for Vietnam Tourism according to the instructions on the website (note that each account can only vote 01 vote for each award category).
Voting period will last until July 23, 2023.

Thanh Xuan

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