Western space between Long Khanh city

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Coming to Long Khanh City, Dong Nai Province, on the main road of Hung Vuong, tourists will come across a space characterized by Western. It was St. Joseph Major Seminary or Xuan Loc Major Seminary.


Xuan Loc Major Seminary was started construction in 1966, inaugurated in 1970. It is not only a school to train seminarians to become priests for the Catholic Church, but also a place for tourists to visit. Sightseeing, finding out.
When arriving here, it is the green carpet, large, creating a sense of airy, solemn, hugged by the eye-catching bow-shaped Dai Dai seminary. With works such as the Chapel, the Shrine of Our Lady, the Saints statue garden, the Philosophical Committee building, the large hall, many lecture halls, libraries, music classrooms, personal studies, sports ground. , housing and living ...


In addition, the seminary architecture is a reflection of the architecture of the churches in Europe. The highlight of the building is the Chapel building as a tower rising against the blue sky. The inner architecture is arranged in harmony with the outside landscape, designed and decorated according to "Sacred Art", to exude the "sacredness" in the architecture.


Today Xuan Loc Major Seminary is expected to be an ideal destination for visitors, especially young people because of its unique architecture thanks to the harmonious combination of Western architecture with Asian garden art. The East is delicately arranged to create an open space filled with the natural fragrance of heaven and earth.
Whether you are a Catholic or not, with the characteristics of space and architecture, Xuan Loc Major Seminary is also a worthwhile stop to admire if you have the opportunity to visit Long Khanh, Dongnai province.        

Thu Trang

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