Come to O Island to experience and enjoy the peaceful space amidst the green color

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Today, the island has many changes, from the roads to the services here are improved to serve tourists and are loved by tourists, choosing to rest on weekends.
Located in the headwaters of the Dong Nai River, O Island and Dong Truong Island are separate from the vast Tri An Lake, perhaps that's why the air here is very fresh, covered with green trees, cool breezes. has become the home of many species of forest birds.

Coming to O island, visitors will feel the change here, the feeling of relaxation between the immense river and the blue color of the lake Tri An lake mixed with clouds and sky as if holding visitors back every time they come here. Located in the middle of Tri An Lake, the atmosphere here is absolutely satisfying to visitors, not only that, the area of O Dong Truong Island is built with many items such as a swimming pool area to serve visitors, both ensuring safety and comfort. help visitors enjoy the air from the lake breeze blowing up.

In addition, visitors can stroll along the green, clean streets with many eye-catching miniatures, save memories with family and friends. Or watch the wild orchid garden competing for color and walk on the grass, enjoy many fresh specialties caught from the bed of Tri An Lake in the campfire nights with flickering fire.

Sẽ là một đêm thú vị, nếu du khách có thể nghỉ lại qua đêm trong những căn bungalow xinh xắn với không khí trong lành và đón bình minh trên mặt hồ hay sáng sớm rảo trên đảo bằng xe đạp hoặc xe điện nơi đây.

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