Experience a camping spot at The Emma Glamping Eternity

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With modern facilities without having to move too much Glamping is suitable for all audiences. From young people, the elderly to families with young children, they can choose to travel Glamping.

The most interesting thing about this form of tourism is that you will experience the feeling of being immersed in nature, breathing fresh air. Moreover, camping is also very safe for families with young children. Instead of holding your phone, you can explore the natural scenery with your loved ones and family, run and jump on the beach, fly kites, fish, etc.

The Emma Glamping is located at Street 9, Ma Da, Vinh Cuu Dong Naim with the advantage of being located next to the lake, visitors can stay in tents overlooking the sunset and sunrise on the lake bed, with each separate luxury tent. , there is even air conditioning in the tent. Guests coming to The Emma will be immersed in nature, with many beautiful photos, check in, live virtual. In addition, guests can also experience the accompanying services such as rowing sup on the lake bed, cycling to explore the Ma Da primeval forest, fishing, canoeing to visit the islands of the archipelago of Tri An lake bed. In the evening, guests can enjoy BBQ party, campfire or enjoy special fish dishes of the lake bed.

For office workers in particular and city people in general, the first day they turn off the dark side with work, computers, living in tight spaces, dust, pollution, they will like to go places where they can mingle. Get in touch with nature, get your kids involved and experience outdoor activities whenever possible. The Emma Glamping is a great alternative. If the time off is not much, you just need to arrange to go on 2 weekends in places near where you live. Each glamping area will give you its own interesting experience and countless virtual live photos.

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