Handmade products from coconut shells in Dong Nai

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Using the dried coconut shell in the tea pot to keep warm has become a familiar activity for hundreds of years of the Southern people, because the best tea must be used when hot, let cool, it will no longer have the characteristic flavor of the tea. Particularly in Dong Nai, the profession of making coconut tea to brew tea in Phu Hoi, Nhon Trach has a tradition of more than 40 years.

According to Mr. Tu Ro - the only person making coconut tea making tea in Long Thanh - Nhon Trach. To make a coconut tea brewing pot, only the Bung coconut (a big fruit, the same old variety) is for the best vase. Coconut trees planted 7-8 years, 7-8m high new body to give fruit. Small room, sparse fruit, not sweet water, so few growers. If the room has 1-4 fruits, then the product of the 1 bottle will be produced, the 6-8 one is only the 2, 3 type. Therefore, this coconut variety is more and more rare for the tea maker.

Although coconut tea brewing tea looks simple, but the making process requires both time and technology, as well as patience of the employee. From the selection of the dried coconut, it must have a big round shell, the three bottom edges must be equal, especially the coconut chosen must be a naturally fallen coconut, when making a beautiful jar. The most difficult thing to mention is to cut the coconut into 2 parts: the lid and the jar. Sawing how to fit it together. Thus, the new bottle's ability to keep heat for a long time and just look at the saw line, the customer will evaluate the skilled craftsman.

Not stopping are the rustic dried coconuts that are hollowed out and painted outside with varnish or varnish. The outside of the tea pot in Phu Hoi is also meticulously painted by people who paint the scenery, summoned beasts, bonsai, and sentence sentences to increase the attractiveness and suit the psychology of nature, love flowers, colorful colors. rural people from Nhon Trach. After this, coconut tea brewed tea also painted according to customer requirements on the shell of coconut tea brewed tea to suit the tastes and aesthetics of each person.

Thu Trang

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