Strange with the cuisine of the Cham people

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The specialties of the Cham people are famous for their rich and diverse cuisine with many strange and delicious dishes that other regions do not have, each specialty speaks simplicity and simplicity in everyday life. Returning to Xuan Loc (Dong Nai) during the great holidays of the Cham people, being in harmony with the Kate Festival, the Rija Nagar festival ... visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy long-standing traditional dishes of the Cham people like soup. goat meat, sour soup with young tamarind leaves, vinegar salad, monolith ... are considered specialties of the Cham.

The Cham are very skillful in processing, combining ingredients as well as creating aroma for each dish. For stir-fried egg yams, stir-fried vegetables must be young buds. When stir-fried, they must be stir-fried to keep the crispness of vegetables. Sa Yin is often eaten and processed with many dishes such as hot pot, soup, and soup, but the best dish is still stir-fried with eggs, the aroma of garlic, the sweetness, the crunch of the vegetable buds, the fat of the egg. All blend together to create a very special and attractive dish.

In addition, the Cham people often make the oven (beef sausage) to eat in the family and treat friends. Sitting around the stove of pink fire and roasting the oven, people can only enjoy the aftertaste of this dish when they are cooked until they are cooked. Unleashed not only is a precious dish of culture, unique about cuisine, but also has a lot of love for the Cham people.
Besides seasoning sauce, the Cham people also own a special sauce, which is the fish sauce. Unlike seasoning fish sauce, this is a type of fish sauce made from freshwater fish. After catching fish, people squeeze all the dirt in the fish's stomach, then wash it off. The fish is mixed with salt, added a handful of roasted rice or crushed popcorn into flour and mixed together. 

Different from how to process seasoning fish sauce, making delicious long tong fish sauce is much more difficult, because it is the combination of salinity of salt and sweetness from fish. Therefore, many families, when having fish, have to ask for help from highly skilled people in the village. Once into sauce, the processing of the dish is very easy. Tamarind, onion, chili, sugar are crushed and mixed with fish sauce. Served with fish sauce is usually cucumber, eggplant, chopped star fruit, baked rice paper.
Like many other culinary features of ethnic minorities on the S-shaped strip of land. The specialty of the Cham people is famous for its rich culinary diversity with many strange and delicious dishes that other regions do not have. Each specialty speaks simplicity and simplicity in everyday life.

Thanh Xuan

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