The wild natural beauty of the seven-acre rocky mountain in Dinh Quan

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If one day you need to refresh yourself and alleviate the stress, then spread your heart with the immense wind and sky amid a great deal of immersion in the gentle winds in the early sunshine of nature.

The seven-acre rock mountain in Dinh Quan is endowed with a wild natural beauty, but not many people know it yet. Whether you are a genuine "backpacker", or simply someone who loves and wants to set foot in new lands, admire the masterpieces of "mother nature", do not miss the journey. nature here. The majestic, pristine landscape, never having any human impact, and the rich ecosystem here will definitely bring you a very interesting experience.

Especially, Gia Canh Forest and Mai Waterfall bring a wild but poetic beauty. In the spring, visitors will enjoy the scenery of hundreds of flowers blooming, the sound of streams flowing, birds singing the mountains and forests.

With a wild and mysterious beauty, this place is absolutely suitable for your journey through the forest, over the waterfall that challenges your self. In a space close to nature, you will be immersed in pure cool streams, enjoy delicious dishes made from forest meat, delightfully capturing beautiful moments under the natural forest canopy.

Thu Trang

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