Keeping cultural identity through traditional festivals

13/04/2023 30/04/2023

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Since the beginning of the year, all localities in the province have simultaneously held many traditional cultural festivals, associated with promoting and introducing the image of the land and people of Dong Nai.

Choro people, Xuan Thien commune (Thong Nhat district) perform gongs in the Sayangva festival in 2023

The strengthening of festival management not only contributes to preserving the tradition of national cultural identity but also creates a good impression in the hearts of people and tourists near and far.

* Various types of festivals are held

According to statistics of the Cultural Industry, each year, Dong Nai has more than 300 festivals held in 11 districts and cities. There are many types such as: traditional Tet festival; historical-revolutionary festival; Traditional folk belief festivals... In particular, many annual traditional festivals of ethnic minorities at commune, ward and township levels take place excitingly in March and April 2023. Including the Sayangva and Sayangbri festivals of the Choro people in Long Khanh City, Thong Nhat District; the worshiping ceremony of Yang Bom (worshiping to the mountain god) of the Ma KP.Hiep Nghia people TT.Dinh Quan (Dinh Quan district)…

Village elder Nguyen Van Long, group 19, Hang Gon hamlet, Hang Gon commune (Long Khanh city) said: "This year, the Choro people organize the Sayangbri festival (to worship the forest god). This is also the 8th year that people organize the festival in a joyful and excited atmosphere, regardless of young and old, girls and boys all actively respond. Not only recreating the traditional cultural activities of the Choro people, but through the festival, they also teach their descendants the rituals of their people, so that they can exchange and introduce the culture of the Choro people with other ethnic groups. other races”.

The organization of festivals in the province is associated with the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Most of the vestiges of communal houses, pagodas, tombs, shrines... are associated with the organization of annual festivals, which are concerned, preserved and maintained by localities. Many localities such as Vinh Cuu, Long Khanh, Dinh Quan ... have been exploiting the potential of festivals associated with cultural tourism by bringing tourists to festivals and relics associated with festivals. This is a practical job in promoting the value of relics and festivals in order to contribute to attracting tourists to Dong Nai.

Ms. Duong Hanh Nguyen (living in Trang Bom Center, Trang Bom District) shared: "For many years, participating in traditional festivals at communal houses and temples and participating in Hung King's death anniversary at Hung Vuong Cultural Park, We feel the change, getting better and better. At the festival areas are decorated, neatly arranged, landscape monuments are preserved; environmental sanitation, arrange car parking to ensure. More and more people come to the festivals.”

* Associated with conservation and promotion of cultural values

Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Thi Ngoc Loan said that in order to ensure the implementation of a civilized lifestyle during the festival, the Department has directed units and localities to strengthen inspection of festival activities, ensuring comply with regulations. Festivals in the province are held in the spirit of cheerfulness, practicality, efficiency, in accordance with fine customs and traditions, promoting the fine traditional cultural values of the nation. Many traditional cultural and sports activities in the festival are associated with tourism promotion, introducing the image of Dong Nai homeland and people to tourists inside and outside the province.

Choro people, Bao Vinh Ward (Long Khanh City) perform gongs in the Sayangva festival in 2023. Photo: My Ny

Along with the organization of festivals, Dong Nai in recent years has promoted the inventory of the intangible culture of traditional festivals of ethnic groups in order to assess the actual situation of festivals in localities in the province. Specifically, in 2022, the Provincial Museum has inventory more than 60 festivals in Long Khanh City (36 traditional festivals of ethnic groups: Kinh, Choro, Hoa, Khmer...) and H.Xuan Loc (with 28 festivals). traditionally inventoryed in 12 communes and towns).

In 2023, the Provincial Museum will continue the inventory of festivals at H.Dinh Quan (32 festival venues in 10 communes and towns) and H.Tan Phu (14 festival venues in 7 locations). town). Thereby, proposing measures to restore, preserve and promote the heritage, avoiding the situation of being lost or deformed.

Recently, the Department of Grassroots Culture (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) has sent a written request to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the provinces and cities to report on a preliminary assessment of the 5-year implementation of Decree No. August 29, 2018 of the Government on festival management and organization. The Department asked localities to evaluate the leadership and direction; achievements, advantages, difficulties and lessons learned in implementing and implementing the decree. Besides, introducing effective festival management and organization models; propose solutions to strengthen the management and organization of local festivals in the near future. The report shall be sent to the Department before April 20 to summarize and report to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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